Rinnova is a service company providing solutions for automotive suppliers and OEMs in three key areas: innovation management, business development and project management for both suppliers’ key accounts and new product development processes.


Our Vision

Being the most preferred partner of Turkish automotive companies aiming to create innovation-based products and business models in the transition phase of global automotive industry.


Our Mission

Develop new products, business models, projects and collaborations for automotive companies focusing on electrification and autonomous vehicle technologies. 


Core Values





Why Rinnova?

In today’s disruptive ecosystem, we are motivated to initiate continuous momentum within our partners by implementing concrete action plans with measurable targets.

In order to invest in right product at right time, we give you an access to connect with relevant players and decision makers to create a robust vision of technology progress in your product segmentation.

Thanks to our flexible and customer-centric services; we can define the best cooperation model (project/product base or long term) that enables partners use their resources in a most efficient way.