A Nice Journey into The Past: Switzerland Visit

#weavingloom #1850s
As Rinnova, we occasionally go overseas to develop our collaborations with other suppliers, and while we discover new places and cultures during these visits, seeing suppliers with diverse notions broadens our minds and inspires us to ponder and memorize.

During one of our most recent business visits, we had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Sefar in Switzerland; we explored their plants and witnessed their manufacturing procedures. We also had the chance to see their museum, which was a kind of nostalgia corner. Since they've extremely old origins, more than a hundred years, the museum had the tools they utilized from the beginning of the company to the present, manual machines, oldies manufacturing processes as seen below picture, tableaux and tools & gadgets.

It was incredible to witness their more than an era transformation; this truly reminded us how far we've come as a world, particularly in terms of industry and automation, as from the past to this moment. While it used to take many hours, days, or even weeks to finish a labor and product with manual tools, it is now possible to do so with the push of a button. Of course, this shift has both positive and negative aspects, but progress is inevitable.



We can now open doors to recent technologies by looking back and looking at ancient technologies, owing to what we've learnt in the past and today face with new challenges as well as drastic ones in our personal and organizational environments that none of us could have foreseen even a few months ago.
All we need to understand is how much technology has evolved over decades and stay in change.