Applications for a More Sustainable Automotive Industry

We’ve been having hard times for two years, because of Covid-19. Today, we think about this extraordinary period more clearly and analyse how it changed our lives directly: Social distance, lockdowns, broken supply chains, working style, etc. Although the pandemic effect has been decreasing day by day, some things were changed forever! Sustainability increased its importance since pandemics began, and all professionals from various industries are seeking ways of building up a new future based on this value, including the automotive industry. 
Therefore, probably the applications for sustainability in automotive production will shape the following years of this industry. But, do we know really what is going on in this field? Let’s have a look at that!

Electric vehicles bring new horizons
We know that global warming causes climate change all over the world. The core of this problem is carbon emission. Cars and motor vehicles play a key role at this point. So, international consensus such as Paris Agreement and European Green Deal are requiring new solutions from the industry. 
The limits are being tighter every year for the companies. So, car manufacturers are constructing more charging stations and diversifying their electric car models to keep pace with this new mobility. They’re investing in electric battery Technologies to make accessible these cars for more drivers.

Automotive industry needs new workforce
Conventional production is dead, and some manufacturing tendencies are being “old school.” The sustainable-oriented mentality has been designing employees’ skills and roles in the company. 
For that reason, a substantial change is at the door for automotive companies. They have to transform the skills of their team members in both production and management. Because modular manufacturing is the new orange for sustainable production and it’s more complicated when it is compared to the production line. It means more professional teams are needed for the new methods.

A strong collaboration comes first
Sustainability is evolving all the industries towards collaborating with new solution partners. Thus, networking between corporate companies is important for sustainable products in the automotive industry.  
Especially, a solid supply chain is essential for it. Hence OEM manufacturers, technology partners, data management, electrical infrastructures, and other players are creating a great web together. Processes are getting complicated, and an agile working culture may be vital at every stage of production in the industry. 

The cooperative-focused culture will be impulsive power for technical developments in the automotive industry. Battery lifetime, carbon-free or low-emission applications, creating charging, and all other innovative challenges can't be realized only within this vision. Because the long-lasting solutions are never found by one company.

Who does want to live forever? 
Clean energy is the main problem in all industries, but it’s more problematic for automotive industry. And key performance indicators (KPI) of the today's world are different from yesterday. The survived manufacturers in the industry will be the ones who balance the sustainable innovations with profitability and measure the ROI of new applications with a long-term road map.