Heating Mattress HeatInside

Project Description


The HeatInside system’s provides thermal comfort in any vehicle cabin, using smart textiles to generate heat with fuel-free energy sources. 

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Heatinside is designed to provide thermal comfort in vehicle cabins through the use of composite smart textiles that generate heat without any usage of fuel or its derivatives. 

It provides heat transfer that balances the body temperature and helps to trap the heat in the user's body. It greatly reduces the use of wet & dry heaters, increasing vehicle range by up to 50%, morever, it significantly minimizes the usage of wet and dry heaters, boosting vehicle range by up to 50%.

Project Goals

By smart control of heating fibers, Heatinside ensures the well-comfort of human body without disturbing thick wires.

Project Goals

It offers the best solution to keep warm in cold weather conditions.

Features Of This Project
  • Inreasing the vehicle range up to 50%
  • Low Voltage / energy efficiency
  • Applicable to amorphous areas by calculating thermal design
  • Flexible as fabric
  • Suitable for both conventional and new generation vehicles
  • Low power consumption
  • Premium Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Timer and battery options
  • Heating Mattress HeatInside
  • Heating Mattress HeatInside
  • Heating Mattress HeatInside